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Diary Dates

Diary Dates can be found on the "events" page


Trio Newsletter

The Trio newsletter is published six times a year in February, April, June, August, October and December and is distributed by hand to the villages of Harby, Thorney and Wigsley. The free newsletter shares local news and events.

The deadline for submitting articles is on the 10th of the month prior to publication, e.g. 10th January for the February edition.

The Trio replaced the Harby and Wigsley Newsletter in August 2014, with the first edition of the original Harby All Saints Church Newsletter being published in around 1981.

For more information including for advertising contact the editor on 01522 703766 or email 


Advertising Costs

Advert size
Cost per edition
Annual cost
Full Page £14 £84
Half Page £9 £54
Quarter Page £6 £36
Eighth Page £4 £24


Document File Size File Type
June - 2024 7.93 MB PDF
Apr - 2024 6.35 MB PDF
Feb - 2024 9.10 MB PDF
Dec-2023 8.08 MB PDF
Oct-2023 6.66 MB PDF
Aug-2023 7.21 MB PDF
Jun-2023 4.87 MB PDF
Apr-2023 7.05 MB PDF
Feb-2023 9.33 MB PDF
Dec-2022 7.82 MB PDF
Oct-2022 7.92 MB PDF
Jul-2022-Jubilee-Edition 8.95 MB PDF
Apr-2022 5.48 MB PDF
Feb-2022 2.11 MB PDF
Dec-2021 6.27 MB PDF
Oct-2021 3.94 MB PDF
Jul-2021 6.10 MB PDF
Jun-2021 3.96 MB PDF
Apr-2021 726.75 KB PDF
Feb-2021 574.79 KB PDF
Dec-2020 492.22 KB PDF
Oct-2020 854.99 KB PDF
Feb-2020 1.64 MB PDF
Dec-2019 3.27 MB PDF
Oct-2019 4.49 MB PDF
Aug-2019 2.75 MB PDF
Jun-2019 1.75 MB PDF
Apr-2019 1.94 MB PDF
Feb-2019 2.52 MB PDF
Dec-2018 4.79 MB PDF
Oct-2018 2.66 MB PDF
Aug-2018 5.12 MB PDF
Jun-2018 5.45 MB PDF
Apr-2018 5.75 MB PDF
Feb-2018 5.77 MB PDF
Dec-2017 6.74 MB PDF
Oct-2017 3.82 MB PDF
Aug-2017 7.34 MB PDF
Jun-2017 4.29 MB PDF
Apr-2017 2.56 MB PDF
Feb-2017 1.97 MB PDF
Dec-2016 8.08 MB PDF
Oct-2016 2.17 MB PDF
Aug-2016 6.54 MB PDF
June-2016 2.25 MB PDF
Apr-2016 1.28 MB PDF
Feb-2016 3.18 MB PDF

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